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REACT prototype at Proposte Fair 2021
July 16, 2021

REACT partner Parà will unveil the prototype at the renowned Italian furnishing textile fair in Cernobbio (Como) in September. The prototype…

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REACT and the future of plastic treatment
July 5, 2021

REACT sharing its insights with other EC-funded projects in the domain of circular economy On July 1st, 2021, Project Coordinator Roberto…

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Recycling of plastics: Towards a more sustainable plastic treatment in 2030
June 22, 2021

On 1 July, REACT Project Coordinator Roberto Vannucci (CENTROCOT), will speak at the webinar “Recycling of plastics. Towards a more sustainable…

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“Removing Harmful Chemicals from Textile Waste” – The 2nd REACT Webinar
June 11, 2021

On 4 June 2021, REACT project hosted its 2nd webinar as partner event in the 2021 EU Green Week, Europe’s biggest…

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REACT Webinar: “Removing Harmful Chemicals from Textile Waste”
June 4, 2021

REACT Project, funded by the H2020 programme, is proud to present its 2nd online webinar, organised as a partner event of…

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Sustainable Circular Economy: Removing finishing chemical products from Acrylic Textile
October 29, 2020

REACT Project, funded by the H2020 programme, presents the preliminary research results on finishing chemicals products removal from acrylic textile, engaging…

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