On October 15, Daniele Piga (from REACT partner CENTROCOT) held a presentation on “Recycled acrylic fabrics, the problem of impurities” during the Plastics Circularity Multiplier Conference, introducing REACT and its envisioned impact on circular economy to the plastic recycling community.

The entirely virtual 3-day event, organised by the EU-level Trade Association representing European Plastics Converters (EuPC), had an audience of over 300 participants and featured presentations from both institutions and initiatives involved in circular economy and innovative recycling projects. The programme of October 15, introduced by Keti Medarova (Bergstrom), Project Advisor at EASME, revolved on the topic of “product design for recycling & recycled plastic content in products”, exploring the innovations needed in the “end-of-life” product recycling, as well as those needed in the product design stage, in order to ensure and maximise recycling possibilities. Featured in the session alongside REACT: Repair3D/SmartFAN, TERMINUS, DECOAT, CIRC-PACK and REMADYL.

Daniele’s presentation is now available in the “Resources” area of this website, in the newly created “Presentations” page, which will collect all REACT presentations at events, once made available for public sharing.