CENTROCOT, REACT project coordinator, is developing and sharing know-how on circular economy and textiles recycling through the participation to local, national and European working groups.

CENTROCOT has contributed to the Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP) in January 2020 and to the Circular Economy Roadmap issued by Regione Lombardia. In both initiatives, the focus is on bringing emerging technical, environmental, financial and legal issues – and initiatives addressing them – to the attention of different relevant stakeholders.

ICESP has released a position paper titled “Circular and sustainable systems for design, production, distribution and consumption” as an outcome of its working group 4, available through this link (Italian).

For further information, the Regione Lombardia Circular Economy Roadmap has also made available a bilingual (Italian and English) summary of research and innovation priorities enhancing circular economy in the region.