On 4 May the European Union joined forces with global partners to kick-start the Coronavirus Global Response, a worldwide pledging effort to raise €7.5 billion of funding to rapidly develop and deploy universally available and affordable diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus.
The opening event already raised €7.4 billion, including a significant contribution of €1 billion mobilised by Horizon 2020. This marks the role of research and innovation in the worldwide pledging marathon, which will continue in the following weeks.

REACT – although focused on acrylic textiles recycling – started evaluating how, within the project’s foreseen activities, it would be possible to study, develop and test safe and sustainable management of personal protective equipment used by healthcare providers (medical masks, aprons, caps, lab coats, overshoes). Specific chemical and biological contaminants removal processes can be studied and developed to guarantee the optimal level of cleanliness in the recycling process.