REACT was presented at the LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals in Vilnius, Lithuania on 27-28 November 2019.

The main aim of the LIFE programme is the implementation of EU environmental legislation, through the hands-on development and pilot implementation of innovative technologies, best practices, tools and communication activities and the provision of feedback for the further development of policies accordingly. The LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals, attended by 80+ senior policy experts and professionals in the field of chemicals from various organisations representing among others many LIFE and H2020 funded projects, aimed at:

  • giving feedback and providing input to policy makers to help plan, implement and update relevant EU policies;
  • sharing best practices and lessons learnt among LIFE and other EU-funded projects, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders including small and medium businesses, industry and academia;
  • promoting the added value of the LIFE programme in the field of chemicals.

CENTROCOT, project coordinator of REACT, attended the event presenting both our project and LIFE M3P, a Material Match Making Platform for promoting the use of industrial waste in local networks.