REACT project officially kicked off on 25th June 2019, with the kick off meeting held in Centrocot (Busto Arsizio) will all partners.

REACT representatives (Centrocot and Martel) participated to the Joint Kick-off meeting of the new projects funded under the topic “Methods to remove hazardous substances and contaminants from secondary raw materials”, held at the World Circular Economy Forum 2019, held on 3rd of June in Helsinki.

PARTNERS’ ongoing activities:

  • PARA’ started defining the catalogue, collection and storing system for the different types of waste coming from the different production departments and from the market. They are also contacting some direct customers both for the recovery of waste and to better understand the logistic of old fabrics recovery. Very soon they will be able to sample most of the types of waste to the partners for the next phases of the project.


  • Soft Chemicals, in cooperation with Parà is defining the classification of waste acrylic textile and relative characterization following the guidelines provided. They are also starting the internal coordination to recover all chemicals products involved in acrylic finishing process and to evaluate the best solution to focus directly on interested hazardous chemicals through a film formation on different supports.


  • On 19th September, CETI inaugurated a new equipment dedicated to the up-cycling of textile wastes. This spinning line is composed by a cutting machine, a blending machine and four tearing modules, which allows to open and mix the fibres. Then the fibres are carded in a machine specially designed for recycled fibres (short and with poor tensile strength). The spinning is done through an open-end machine to produce a yarn with an Nm between 5 and 50. This equipment will be used in the REACT project for the recycling of acrylic fabrics.