On Thursday 19 September, the CETI European Centre for Innovative Textiles inaugurated a new European preview of a unique sustainable development demonstrator for the Textile/Fashion and Luxury sector, which enables used textiles (clothing and industrial production waste) to be recycled.

Two years of research and development were necessary to develop this unique prototyping platform that complements CETI’s Sustainable Development offer. 2 million euros have been invested in the acquisition of a whole set of machines to mechanically recycle all fibres, and in particular cotton, to make it a new yarn where the recycled component is the major part. Thus, fraying and spinning are combined in the same synchronous process. Used clothing is shredded and frayed. The resulting fibres are homogeneously mixed with a virgin fibre. This blend is then carded and spinned with open-end technology.

To date, the results of the experiments, in an upcycling dynamic, are very encouraging: the 100%

cotton yarn developed at CETI is composed of 70% recycled fibres and 30% virgin fibres, a rate much higher than the products currently marketed in Europe.

This platform is supported by the Strategic Committee of the Fashion & Luxury sector, a committee initiated by the French government. The equipment will be used in the REACT project for the recycling of acrylic fabrics.