Para’ is our project’s industrial partner. Parà Industrial Group is a family company founded in 1921, producing textiles used for sun protection, indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine. It’s an essential partner of REACT project as it is in charge of the collection of acrylic textile waste from the production process (spinning, warping / weaving, finishing) and their classification (fibre, yarn and fabric). They will also coordinate the logistic of the post-consumer waste management for the recovery of products at the end of their life (awnings and/or furnishing fabrics). Furthermore, they have defined the waste classification system: by waste type, colour, quantity, pattern/texture, finishing, installation place (related to sales volume and weathering) and finishing category. Finally, they will deliver the waste to other partners for the next steps, such as elimination treatment of hazardous substances and mechanical recycling. The process has kicked off at Para’ manufacturing plant in Pontirolo Nuovo (Italy), where they have set-up the REACT waste collection area.